Bible Reading Plans

Have you felt the sudden urge to make resolutions that you will probably never keep? Yep, New Years Day is fast approaching, the starting line for glorious aspirations to do amazing things. We set out to conquer everything in our life…and then we get blindsided by reality on around January 19th.

Ever done this with the Bible? I sure have. January 1st has marked the start of my “read 1 ½ hrs each day, memorize two books, and complete Bible plan 4 months early” plan more than once. Do I just need to be more disciplined? That is certainly part of it. But I also forgot about something else.


One of our core values at Redeemer is becoming better students of his Word. All of us are at different points when it comes to this, but the goal of growth is the same, and growth takes realistic planning.

So whether you cringe at new years resolutions or can’t get enough of them, I encourage you in the next couple days to think about how you want to grow in studying Gods Word, and then make a plan. Maybe it’s just for the month, or the whole year. Maybe it’s to begin to read the Bible, or to increase your daily reading from 30 min to 45 min. The amount isn’t as important as the plan. We’re all here to grow, not be perfect.

If you are comfortable with what you’re doing right now, great, don’t change a thing. But for those of you who might not know where to begin or are looking to try something new, here is a blog post which gives a helpful summary of the many Bible reading plans you can choose from. They range from reading ten chapters a day to a couple a week.

I look forward to becoming better students of God’s word together this year.

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