Disciples At Work

As spearheaded by Chris and his missional blog, we are taking turns as staff to write blog posts that touch on different parts of our vision at Redeemer. One topic near and dear to me is integrating our faith in our work and I hope to regularly write entries under the theme, “Disciples at Work.” Since this is the first post, I figured it would be helpful to use it to answer some basic questions:

Why call it “Disciples at Work?”

Our vision at Redeemer is “to make disciples who integrate life with God’s gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit.” One of the distinctives of this vision is that we seek to make disciples through both multiplying disciples (reaching those who don’t know Jesus) and maturing disciples (growing in integrating the gospel to all of life).

In the way God has ordered our lives, work takes up a significant amount of our time, whether we are in a workplace, at home with children, or at school as a student. Our hope as Christians is that all the hours we spend at work can be redeemed for disciple-making:

1. Work provides constant opportunities for maturing as disciples of Jesus

Have you ever considered that every moment at work is an opportunity to take a step in following Jesus? Work gives us everyday experiences to practice all that we’ve learned and know about Jesus. Here are just a few examples of how we might follow Jesus in our thoughts, words and actions:

  • Thoughts – Do we harbor bitterness because of our coworkers’s sins or do we pray that God would humble us and help us to love them? Do we seek to bring glory to Jesus or do we seek the approval of others and to make our name great?
  • Words – Do we speak well of our superiors or do we join others in slander? Do we grumble and complain or do we encourage and edify?
  • Actions – Do we take time to help a new employee get situated or do we plow through on our own work because we don’t have time? Do we finish a project with excellence or are we sloppy and careless with our work?

I get excited when I realize we can find joy at work because every moment at work is an opportunity to joyfully follow and serve Jesus, our good Master.

2. Work is one of the best places for multiplying disciples of Jesus

There are few places other than work which put us in constant contact with non-believers during our week. At work, we get opportunities not only to speak about Jesus and the hope that we have in Him, but also to demonstrate the difference He makes in our lives as we mature as His disciples.

Who is behind this blog?

For those of you who I haven’t met yet, I currently work as the Administrator at Redeemer. Prior to Redeemer I used to work as a management consultant and then I was involved in a tech start-up for a few years. During that time, God humbled me many a time and used different challenges at work — stress and uncertainty, insecurity, pride, difficult bosses, failures in management, having to lay people off, and the list could go on — to grow me as a disciple of Jesus. I also witnessed on different occasions either colleagues coming to know the Lord or others recommitting their lives to Jesus through their interactions with other believers. Through my experiences I have seen how we can both grow as disciples at work AND make disciples at work.

How can I be involved?

Please email me (david@redeemerarlington.com) or leave a comment below with questions you might have concerning following Jesus at work and making Him known at work. Also, if you have any experiences and examples that could be encouraging to others, please let me know since we’d love to share those with others!

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