Growing in Our Faith by Sharing Our Faith

One of the things I love about the book of 1 John is how it connects “doing” with “knowing.” John emphasizes to his audience that we know Christ and experience him more deeply when we do what he has called us to do. Our spiritual growth and our relationship with Christ grow not just through studying Scripture and prayer, but also through living out the life of a disciple: walking in purity and righteous, serving and loving people deeply, bearing others’ burdens, and sharing the gospel with those who don’t know Christ.

The thing about being a disciple, when you really take it seriously, you see that you can’t do it without Jesus, and when you give your life to love and serve others and share the gospel, the tension and difficulty and uncertainty of it causes you to run to Jesus and seek his presence. And this is a good thing! Because it is here that we begin to know him deeply and see that he truly is a great Savior.

So, if you want to really grow in your faith, grow in your prayer life, grow in your study of Scripture, if you want to know Christ more deeply, my encouragement to you is to be bold and start sharing your faith.

I love this quote from Jeremy Walker’s book, The Brokenhearted Evangelist:

“How do we keep our prayers fiery? By engaging in hand-to-hand combat with Satan’s hosts, for those who are yet under his dominion. Why do we keep our spiritual weapons sharp? So that we can fight. How do we learn how to use those weapons? When we engage with lost men. Where are our graces brought to their highest pitch and exercised to their greatest degree? It is often when we are locked in mortal combat for the salvation of a soul. Where are our minds fired with holy truth so that we begin to understand, to press, and to be in earnest? When are our hearts most ablaze with love for Jesus Christ? When, in short, are we most alive as Christians? With the possible exception of the gatherings of the saints for worshiping God, it is when we are involved in the life business of the redeemed men and women of Jesus Christ, engaging with transgressors and seeking their salvation for the glory of God in Jesus Christ. There is little that so elevates us—that so engages the totality of our redeemed humanity—as the holy cut and thrust of evangelism. Nothing so casts us upon the grace of God in Jesus Christ. Nothing so reminds us of our need and sends us in desperation to God for increased measures of His Spirit as the reality of wrestling for souls.”

May we be a community that shares Christ passionately because we know Christ deeply.

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