Sermon Discussion Questions — Ephesians 1:1-2 (Grace and Peace)

In this sermon, Eric went over verses 1-2 of Ephesians chapter 1. He introduced us to Paul and the Ephesians and then gave us the lenses of grace and peace as a way to view the rest of the letter.
Eric talked about how people have many different views of Paul – some positive and some negative.  What opinions have you heard about him? What is your opinion?
Paul declares himself as an ambassador, have you ever thought about yourself as one? What does that mean in Arlington?
In listing out the ways that Paul had been tortured or beaten, Eric made the point that Paul was not just pontificating about abstractions, but that he was in the middle of trial and these words were very real and important to him. Does that change how you read this letter?
How do you ‘obey grace’ as Eric mentioned? How does that work out in your life?
Eric said, “The King looks with absolute acceptance and favor on you right now, that favor is very powerful…. Grace moves you.” How does this truth change you?
“Grace will move you toward the brokenss of the world and broken people.  Jesus came to heal a broken world of broken people, and he asks you to follow him, grace will give you power to do this.” How does grace empower you for this?
How do you bring peace to your communities? What does peace mean in that context?
(I am helping out Jacques with writing these, give me feedback if you have any.  Thanks! – Andrew Heile)

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