Sermon Discussion Questions—Ephesians 1:7-10 (He Gave All He Had to Restore All That He Made)

God’s Generosity – Would Eric have been wise to give awayALL of his possessions (401K, etc)?  Do you have similar thoughts toward God’s lavish generosity?  Why or why not?

Debt – Do you view your debt as a tresspass (offense against God)?  Do you agree that sin is anti-relational, illegal (against God’s laws), and idolatrous?  Does it change your perspective of sin if you try to view it from God’s view vs. your own?

Payment  Is the idea of a substitution something that you are familiar with?  Have you ever considered the bargaining of Genesis 18?  What about the experience of Barabbas?  What do those events teach us about substitution?

Guilt – How do you respond to the guilt of your sin?  Can you detect a tendency toward purity, piety, or purgatory? What does it look like to receive truly receive Christ’s payment?  (Preferably discuss this question using further alliterations)

Restoration – Is the concept of the Gospel having both personal and corporate application a new one for you?  What about a cosmic dimension?  Does that change your view of the Gospel?  How so?  Genesis 1 and Romans 8 are starting points for exploring the cosmic dimension.

Encouragement – The King is restoring, redeeming, and freeing as we follow Him in his gospel movement.  Remember that God gave all he had to restore all that he made as you face the brokenness of the world this week.

Administrative – I apologize for these coming out later than I would have liked.  If you are disappointed by this and would like to assist with writing these please reach out to Jacques Villarreal.


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