Redeemer Weekly – 5/7/2017

edeemer Weekly: May 7, 2017 — (Retreat) SERVANT SHOUTOUT: Tal Kauflin

Good morning! Please join us this morning for service at 10:30 a.m. at 716 S Glebe. Donuts and fellowship at 10 a.m.

TODAY: We are looking forward to celebrating baptism Sunday – both in the adult and children services, the teaching will be about baptism!

THIS Friday and Saturday, Core Seminar, May 12 & 13: For those interested in pursuing membership, our spring core seminar will be Friday evening, May 12 and Saturday morning, May 13. Information and registrations is here


Anniversary Picnic, Sunday, June 4:  We are excited to celebrate our church anniversary with a pizza lunch following the Sunday service on June 4th! We gather at Barcroft park in the picnic area to share in joy and fellowship. Families with the last names A – M are asked to bring beverages and those with the last names N – Z are asked to bring dessert!

SERVANT SHOUTOUT, by Jackie Black: There were COUNTLESS volunteers who made the retreat a great, smooth time! I mean Capon Spring staff alone ensure the enmass of us were fed! Personally, Tali Kauflin was a praying, singing, serving point person who released me to speak on Saturday and Sunday. She managed the general and usual chaos of children’s ministry offsite, baby bouncing, walkie talkie authority. This was a huge relief and release to me so that I could not only present but also participate in the sessions. Thank you, Tali for releasing me and serving Redeemer!




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