Redeemer Weekly – 7/2/2017

Redeemer Weekly: July 2, 2017 — SERVANT SHOUTOUT: Kelli and Braden Pierson

Good morning and happy Fourth of July weekend! Please join us this morning for service at 10:30 a.m. at 716 S Glebe. Donuts and fellowship at 10 a.m.

TODAY in Redeemer CM: Redeemer kiddos lesson is the parable of the pharisee and tax collector. The tax collector knew he needed God to forgive him, and he cried out to God. Everyone is a sinner who needs forgiveness. Jesus took the punishment for our sin by dying on the cross. We can cry out to God like the tax collector and because of Jesus, God will forgive us.


Redeemer members! Over the summer we will be recruiting for our 2017-2018 CM year! We are excited for this area of discipleship and need 72 volunteers to ensure a safe and thriving children’s ministry – thank you to the 35 who have signed up! We are almost halfway there! You can sign up to serve here – and as always ask Jackie any questions about children’s ministry!

SERVANT SHOUTOUT, by Jackie Black: It is always so encouraging when you see couple serve together! Braden and Kelli Pierson (nominated by Scott Moshier) are a couple who serve BOTH on the worship team and in children’s ministry! They are faithful to ensure our 2-3 year old thugs are safe and happy while singing and hearing Gospel. They will serve both on Sunday mornings and Thursday prayer/worship nights. And if only one is serving, the other is ready and available to jump in and help with random needs… i.e. like decorating for Good Friday service – thank you, Kelli! Thank you both for how you love and invest in Redeemer and HAPPY (belated) Birthday to Kelli!

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