Redeemer Weekly – 9/10/2017

Redeemer Weekly: September 10, 2017 — SERVANT SHOUTOUT: Molly Kruger and Viktor Orekhov  

Good morning! Please join us this morning for service at 10:30 a.m. at 716 S Glebe. Donuts and fellowship at 10 a.m.  

FULL DAY in Redeemer CM! GPTV Explorer returns from summer break! Electronic Check-In/Out begins fully! Summer challenge ends! CM Kiddos – REMINDER, Summer Challenge ends this Sunday! For those who complete it successfully, we have your custom water bottle!

Also, GPTV EXPLORER returns! Our 3rd – 5th grade class will be downstairs the whole service. Kiddos continue to learn about Christ being the anointed one and why He cleansed the temple (Matthew 21:12-17)

TODAY, we invite newcomers to a luncheon to hear about Redeemer and meet members. Lunch will be immediately after service at a member’s home in the neighborhood! The Connection Table will have all the details!  

ALSO TODAY, Parents of middle and high schoolers: The Junior Community Group (youth group) leaders will be hosting a meeting for parents directly after the Sunday gathering in the K – 2nd grade room downstairs (after the kiddos have cleared out). This will be a time to meet the leaders and briefly discuss important details about the upcoming semester.   

NEXT THURSDAY, join us for our monthly (third Thursday evening of the month) worship and prayer night. Starting at 7:30 pm and in the sanctuary, we gather as a community to worship and pray.


ESL Program: Begins THIS MONDAY with registration night before classes start next Monday and Thursday evenings. To learn more about needs, please contact Lisa Anderson:


We are excited for multiple opportunities of growth and service for the Redeemer community this fall!

Becoming a Member

Core Seminar, September 29-30: If you are interested in learning more about Redeemer or becoming a member, we hold a quarterly event called a Core Seminar. At the Core Seminar, our pastors share about their vision for our church and the core practices we hope to live out. You can register here.

For Redeemer members and attenders

Starting Sunday, October 13, Jon Smith will be leading a class on reading and study God’s Story of scripture. Jon writes, “This course is deeply practical. We will work through multiple exercises on Bible texts. We will learn to understand texts in the context of the bigger story and the immediate context of the book of the Bible they appear in. Then we will learn how to apply the words of the Bible practically in our lives today.” Dates and RSVP are here

For Men

Men’s Group: Kicking off in October, Carlos Dimas and Mike Henry desire to develop a “safe and intentional place for men to come together in the spirit of Jesus and learn what a godly man looks like.”  Those interested should contact Carlos or Mike.

For Women

ReWinD Returns! NEXT Monday night, ReWinD will begin the study on Romans.  If you are wanting to connect with like minded believing women, grow exponentially in your prayer life and understanding of God’s Word, this is the place to invest your Monday evenings! You can sign up here! See the Facebook post here.


September 22 -23: Seminar on Gender, Sexuality and Fulfillment On Friday and Saturday, September 22-23, The Falls Church will host a seminar called, Being Human: Gender Sexuality and Fulfillment. The seminar will “explore the heart of the gospel in relation to these topics. Speakers John Yates III and Sam Ferguson will consider how the biblical view of our humanity bears upon modern understandings of sexuality and gender, addressing questions such as: How does the biblical story of creation, fall and redemption help us understand our experiences and identity? How does Scripture’s teaching on the creation of humankind inform our understanding of being male or female? How does the Gospel’s vision of human fulfillment square with the Bible’s sexual ethics?  How is the Gospel good news, even amidst our sexual brokenness?” You can sign up for the seminar here:

SERVANT SHOUTOUT, by Jackie Black (Jenna Gordon nomination): Molly Kruger and Viktor Orekhov have selflessly served a continuously growing CG for more than a year and a half.  Molly has been extremely hospitable by opening her home to 20+ attendees every week, while also meeting with, caring for, and loving on women in the group outside of CG time.  Viktor stepped up to help lead after only attending for a short amount of time.  He has been greatly invested in helping his CG members grow spiritually and has provided endless resources to assist in sharing the gospel with non-believers.  Your steadfastness, humility and tireless dedication to a group (that now is set to multiply) is a beautiful example of Christ.  Well done, faithful servants.

Jackie’s addition… When they are not leading and loving their community group so well -Molly is a rockstar and official CM baby whisper and Viktor is handyman hero!  

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