Redeemer Weekly – 10/29/2017


Good morning! Please join us this morning for service at 10:30 a.m. at 716 S Glebe. Donuts and fellowship at 10 a.m. Sneak in shoutout to our first week CM Volunteers serving this fifth week!  

TODAY God’s Story returns downstairs in the K – 2nd grade classroom at 9 am and the Men’s Ministry group continues at 9 am in Riddick Hall!

TODAY in Redeemer CM: From John 20:24-29, kiddos learn how Thomas doubted the disciples of Christ’s resurrection. He saw Jesus’ scars from the cross, where Jesus died for our sins. Kiddos learn  how they have not seen Jesus, but Jesus said if we believe in Him without seeing Him, we are blessed.

FRIDAY, Tali will continue to lead the women through a discussion on Beautiful, Messy Relationships. Hosted at the lobby at 7:15 pm – to catch up on notes or RSVP – email:

NEXT SUNDAY, Nov. 5th: Newcomer Lunch: If new to Redeemer and wanting to meet, luncheon, and chat with Redeemer members and elders, join us immediately after service on Sunday, November 5th. RSVP:

NEXT TUESDAY, Nov. 7th: Watch a FREE Live Stream of Dave Ramsey’s Smart Money Event. Graym Kasko will be hosting the live stream in the AUMC lobby at 8 pm (EST).  Dave and Rachel Cruze will take the stage on November 7 in Phoenix with a livestream event in real time. For further details, contact Graym or see the signup here

REDEEMER FINANCIAL UPDATE FOR SEPTEMBER: Please continue to pray for leadership as they finalize and plan for 2018, including budget (to be presented at the December 3rd Member Meeting)!

We received $3.078 or about 5.84%, above our budgeted giving for the month! THANK YOU for your continuing support of Redeemer!

Serving Need:

The Redeemer Communion Team is looking for a few more volunteers! If you’ve been looking for a low-key, behind-the-scenes way to serve the Redeemer community, this is your chance. You’ll have to show up to the church a bit earlier about twice a month, but you’ll also have first crack at the donuts and coffee, so there’s a lot of upside! If you’re interested, contact Eliezer Gonzalez at for more information.

Date Change: Member’s Meeting Sunday, DECEMBER 3rd: Please (re)mark your calendars for Sunday, December 3 for our member’s 2018 financial budget meeting and discussion!

Member Directory: End of the year updates to the directory are coming! MEMBERS please let Jackie of family changes (i.e. email, birthdays, anniversaries, pictures) know of changes by the end of October!

Address Change in 2017? If you changed your address in 2017, please fill out this short form.

SERVANT SHOUTOUT, by Jackie Black: No rhythm. None. Except when it is off – than suddenly I (and everyone else!) has a beat and rhythm!

Dennis Bituin keeps us all straight and on beat. Dennis faithfully serves as a drummer on our worship team – and considering we only have ~2 drummers, that means he serves faithful at least twice a month! Aside from sound team, no other team requires or needs such consistent support than drummer on worship team! THANK YOU, Dennis for regularly serving and ensuring our joyous noise is also on beat!   

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