Redeemer Weekly – 1/7/2018

Redeemer Weekly: Jan. 7, 2018 — SERVANT SHOUTOUT: Why shoutout?

Good morning! Please join us tomorrow morning for service at 10:30am at 716 S Glebe. Donuts and fellowship at 10am.

TOMORROW, is Jon Smith’s last class, God’s Story is tomorrow at 9 am downstairs in the K – 2nd grade class … Also, newcomers are invited to our monthly newcomer lunch immediately following the service. For details please see the Connection Table!

TOMORROW in Redeemer CM: Kiddos continue to learn about events after Christ’s ascension. Tomorrow they learn from Acts 8: 26-40 about the Ethiopian official knew what the Old Testament prophets had said, but he did not understand that the prophets spoke about Jesus. The Holy Spirit led Philip to help the official understand the good news about Jesus: Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was raised from the dead, just like the Old Testament prophets said.

Redeemer 2018 Schedule of Events:

Anniversary Picnic: June 3rd

Core Seminars: March 2-3, June 8-9, September 28-29, and January 11-12, 2018

Member Meetings: February 11, April 22 (Retreat), August 26, and December 2

Spring Retreat: April 20th – 22nd

Elder News: Redeemer members, we are excited to welcome back Josh Deckard as a bi-vocational elder. Josh took a well-deserved break in 2017 and rejoined the elder team (leadership team) this month.

2017 Giving Statements, Thank you to all who gave to Redeemer in 2017 – your generosity blessed and served many this year! 2017 giving statements will be emailed at the end of January. Statements are already accessible through our online giving platform. Please let Jackie know of any questions!

Upcoming Member-Led Events

Men’s Study in February: The first 8 sessions of the Redeemer Men’s ministry are completed which saw over 60 men from every season, walk, and story come together to study together. The men’s group will resume in February 2018. Prior, men will gather to pray and plan for the year. You are invited to pray as well as men interested in the conversation can join on Saturday, January 6, 2018 – let Mike or Carlos know if you want to attend!

Financial Peace University (FPU): Financial Peace University class will start Tuesday, January 16th at 7:30pm. Graym and Sasha Kasko invite you to participate in a nine-week course, Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace,” that teaches how to wisely steward your money. We will be meeting in the church building. Additional information is on the Facebook group, or you can let Graym ( know your interest.

SERVANT SHOUTOUT, by Jackie Black: Why shoutout? What is the criteria? What is a shoutout? I have the privilege of doing a servant shoutout for over three years! However, it may be helpful to explain what the Servant Shoutout is: an opportunity to thank and encourage those who serve Redeemer in areas where it is not always seen. Jordan and I like to laugh about how his view from the front sees everything – and anything he misses, I see from the back.

The criteria of servant shoutout is simple, serving in an area of the Redeemer community. I love when I get nominations because Jordan and I actually do not see everything 😉

Redeemer has been blessed with countless servants, individuals, families, and groups that serve Redeemer in various capacities. Those are not always seen, and those serving are not serving to be seen. The shoutout is not the motivation for serving, rather it is a way to encourage others in Redeemer to see and appreciate serving being done for them from a heart of love and sacrificial serving.

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