Redeemer Weekly – 3/18/2018

Redeemer Weekly: March 18, 2018 — SERVANT SHOUTOUT: John Allevato

Good morning! Please join us tomorrow morning for service at 10:30am at 716 S Glebe. Donuts and fellowship at 10am.

TOMORROW in Redeemer CM – After learning of the division in church, Redeemer kiddos are hearing how the church showed favoritism (James 2:1-13; like adults did back in November). When believers in the early church treated some people as better than others, James told them they were wrong. He reminded them that Jesus commanded believers to love one another. Because He has shown great mercy to us, we can show mercy to others.

TOMORROW, Men’s Meeting! The men’s group will meet at 9am in Riddick Hall! All fellas are welcome.

TOMORROW, JCG meets! – Reminder! JCG meets tomorrow at 12:30pm (701 S Wakefield St), let leaders know you are coming:

FRIDAY, March 30 – All are invited to join us for our 7pm Good Friday service! This hour service is a great opportunity to invite friends and neighbors as we contemplate the cross of Christ.

Spring Retreat Registration is OPEN! We are excited to respite and retreat together on April 20-22 in beautiful Capon Springs, WV!

Details are on the website, or you can go straight to the registration link here! IF you have questions, let the retreat squad know:

PLEASE COMPLETE THE MEMBER SURVEY! We sent out the annual Member Survey on Wednesday. If you did not receive the survey, please shoot an email to Please note, the subject of the email mistakenly says “2018 Members Meeting.” Sorry for the confusion!

2018 Redeemer Volunteer Needs:

Spring Retreat: The Spring Retreat (April 20-22) is a sweet time to gather and rest together! To accomplish that time of refreshment, there are a lot of moving parts and volunteer needs from set-up to childcare to supply purchasing to printing… All skills have a volunteer match! 🙂 Please let Jackie know your skills and she can find a need to help execute our retreat!

Children’s Ministry: Wondered why we always share what is happening in CM? Because we are blessed to share and show the Gospel to over 60 kiddos in children ministry every Sunday! This exciting, sometimes exhausting work requires a roster of over 60 volunteers. Currently we have a need for more volunteers as several people have had to transition out due to life events. If you’re a member of Redeemer and ready to see what is happening downstairs, let Jackie know!

PSST – Not ready to commit to monthly serving? What about a day? Saturday, June 2nd will be a clean up day for the CM space!  

SERVANT SHOUTOUT, by Jackie Black: With a large roster of children ministry (see volunteer need above!), there are a lot of schedule and calendaring dancing for volunteers to cover every Sunday. John Allevato is a rockstar hall monitor and coverage volunteer. Even when he does not need a switch, he will substitute with another volunteer to ensure we have security and sign in success on a Sunday morning – this is a huge blessing for all. THANK YOU, John for serving our children sacrificial of your own schedule!

And psst – it was John and point person, Meredith Leal who handled our lack of internet a few week ago. They ensured I did not cry but rather laugh as we completely survived a Sunday without internet 😮

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