Redeemer Weekly – 4/15/2018

Redeemer Weekly: April 15, 2018 — SERVANT SHOUTOUT: Mike Icardi  

Good morning! Please join us tomorrow morning for service at 10:30am at 716 S Glebe. Donuts and fellowship at 10am.

There will be no service next Sunday, April 22 as we will be on the spring retreat!

TOMORROW Elder Candidate Meet & Greet with Paul Curtis: Tomorrow will be the final meet and greet for our elder candidate, Paul Curtis. These sessions will allow members to engage with Paul, learn more about his story, his walk with Christ, and anything you have questions about. Please RSVP here so we can plan accordingly! The sessions will be at 1 pm hosted at Eric Simmons’ home. There is plenty of street parking but please be mindful of neighbors driveways!

Members, a voting link will be emailed to you tomorrow at 5 pm – voting will be open for two weeks, until Sunday, April 29.

TOMORROW in Redeemer CM – Our kiddos continue the study of the New Testament (1 Timothy 4:11-16; 2 Timothy 4:1-8; Titus 2:11-14), hearing how Paul wrote letters to the churches leaders, Timothy and Titus, to give Timothy and Titus advice and to help all church leaders know how to lead God’s people. Church leaders help believers know what is true, and they serve the church by following the example of Jesus, who served us by dying on the cross for our sins.

TOMORROW, JCG meets! Youth, come and join the fun tomorrow as our April Junior Community Group (JCG) meets! You can RSVP or get details:

TOMORROW, Men’s Group continues! Reminder, men, that the study group will meet tomorrow at 9am in Riddick Hall. All gents are welcome and breakfast treats will be present!

2018 Redeemer Volunteer Needs:

Children’s Ministry: Wondered why we always share what is happening in CM? Because we are blessed to share and show the Gospel to over 60 kiddos in children ministry every Sunday! Currently we have a need for more volunteers to serve in our one-year-old class! If you’re a member of Redeemer and ready to see what is happening downstairs, let Jackie know!

  • PSST – Not ready to commit to monthly serving? What about a day? Saturday, June 2nd will be a clean up day for the CM space!
  • Random CM Request: Still not ready for the day or monthly commitment? We got you covered in what we randomly need! We are looking for a donated MacBook and two old iPhones for production and projection purposes! I can provide a 2018 tax receipt of the donated goods! As with all CM things — email:

Upcoming Community Events

FlourishNow Job Fair: We are excited to be supporting FlourishNow (where Redeemer alums, Leah Hughey and Andrew Brown work) in sharing about a job fair in May! Check out the FlourishNow website for mission and purpose BUT also check out volunteer opportunities about the May 24, 2018 Job Fair… This is about supporting local needs, connecting people to church and job resources. Interested or curious? Grab Gillian Springer, Jackie, or Jordan to learn more!  

Pieces to Peace: On May 4-5, 2018, Dr. Curt Thompson, Father Andrew Miller, and David Takle, will be the featured speakers for a conference called From Pieces to Peace: An Invitation to Wholehearted Living. This conference is about bringing together Christ centered innovators from the fields of interpersonal neurobiology, clinical counseling, and spiritual formation, the speakers will offer fresh and hope-filled insights that will help participants experience a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God and others. Further and registration (cost $185) is here!

SERVANT SHOUTOUT, by Jackie Black: Recently, the discussion of serious skills needed today’s culture came up and I exclaimed, EXCEL! If you can excel Excel, you could rule the world! (Clearly, spoken by someone who avoids Excel 😉

Mike Icardi does not avoid Excel but excels in it. However, instead of ruling the world, he serves Redeemer as our deacon of finance. Mike wisely leads and supports Redeemer through financial management, accountability, and planning. His objective, financial  mind is driven by a personal desire to glorify God and serving His body at Redeemer. Staff, leadership, and now the larger body of Redeemer, have been deeply blessed by his work behind the scenes!

Oh! And when he is not excelling in Excel, he is serving in children’s ministry as one of the top contenders for baby whisperer!     

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