Redeemer Weekly -6/11/2018

Redeemer Reads — SERVANT SHOUTOUT: Daniel Mock

Good morning! Please join us tomorrow morning at 10am for coffee and donuts at 716 S. Glebe Rd.

TOMORROW in Redeemer CM, GPTV Explorer returns for the season finale! Prior to the summer break, the GPTV crew will be coming to Riddick Hall and sharing how Paul shared the Gospel despite rulers – wanting all to hear the good news! We are excited to have our 3rd – 5th graders back with us and they can join from the start of service!

TOMORROW, Men’s Group – They will meet in Riddick Hall (promptly ending at 9:45am to allow for CM set-up).

SUNDAY, June 24 at 5pm will be a member’s meeting! Prior to summer vacations, Redeemer leadership wants to provide important update and information for Redeemer (followed by a pizza dinner!) If able to help with event coordination, please let Jackie know!

Jordan’s Redeemer Reads ICYMI: June Redeemer Reads contains Jordan Kauflin’s book and non-book recommendations! It also contains links to previous Redeemer Reads. If you’ve read any person’s recommended books this year, please drop them a line to let them know!

Redeemer Needs:

Communion Team Lead: An important part of our Sunday service is taking the family meal of communion every Sunday. And every Sunday, a team ensures communion is set out and cleaned up. Our faithful team lead, Eliezer, is transitioning out of the role soon. If you are interested in serving on the team or taking the lead, please email him.

Redeemer’s Junior Community Group: JCG is looking for 6 new leaders for the 2018-2019 school year! Megan and Haylee will host an info session on Sunday, June 24th at 12:30pm at the church. If you’re interested, please RSVP to Haylee.

Upcoming Redeemer Events

Redeemer Men’s Group: The Men’s Ministry will continue to meet at 8:45am in Riddick Hall. Last week, the men began a new 10-week series about the spiritual and psychological implications of striving for purity. All men are highly encouraged to join as they support one another and wrestle through these difficult topics together.

Core Seminar DATE CHANGE: June Core Seminar will be Friday, June 22 & Saturday, June 23 – Our summer core seminar for those interested in Redeemer membership will be on Friday evening, June 22 and Saturday morning, June 23. You can register here!

SERVANT SHOUTOUT, by Jackie Black: LATE! But still shouting! Daniel Mock was nominated a few weeks ago by Bernard Yuan but the schedule was full – I LOVE when we get nominations and have a backlog of nominations!

Daniel Mock organizes a monthly food pantry volunteering at the Columbia Baptist food pantry. In April, we brought some of Redeemer’s youth there and they enjoyed it. It was overheard the director say that the Redeemer group was her favorite group. If anyone at Redeemer is interested, they are free to reach out to Bernard or Dan for details!

Daniel ALSO serves faithful (rain or shine!) on our open/close team which is a huge blessing to ensure we have signs out, taken down, and also general trash duty – nothing glamorous but rather a serving which is unseen in less undone. Thank you, Daniel!

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