Redeemer Weekly – September

Redeemer Weekly — Fall Events and Studies — Servant Shoutout: Sunday Manager Team

Good morning! Please join us tomorrow morning at 10am for coffee and donuts at 716 S. Glebe Rd! Reminder: Our main parking lot entrance is CLOSED. Please use the side and main Glebe entrances. Please have a patient and hospitable spirit by being on the lookout for new attenders and assist them finding entrances or children’s ministry!

Children’s Ministry (CM): Kiddos are hearing about the beginning! From Noah’s Ark to the Tower of Babel they are hearing the foundation to one day, Jesus will gather together all of God’s people—people from every tribe and people who speak all kinds of languages—and they will worship Him together.

Member Meeting: Sunday 30th @ 5pm – Reminder, members, there is a member’s meeting. All are welcome to join as we gather in the sanctuary (parental co-op is available if you have signed up already!). Due to the building limitation, there will not be a dinner together but we encourage members to eat together after the meeting!

Redeemer Member Led Events

Pentateuch Study: Sunday, September 30th @ 9 am: The Pentateuch is comprised of the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. It is the foundation of the Bible, not merely because it comes first, but because it establishes the basis of God’s message to the world. Over the next 5 weeks, we will discuss its author, literary form, and historical content. We will also study 5 themes that help us understand the Pentateuch better: Word, Covenant, Kingdom, Redemption, and Revelation. This study will be fun! We will spend time in prayer and discussion. We will even watch videos! There will be no required reading or homework, but suggested reading and application will be provided. All people are welcome! For more information or interest email, Jacques Villarreal!

Women’s Brunch: Saturday, Oct. 6th – Looking for a way to get to know other Redeemer ladies? Have friends you’d like to introduce to our church community? Excited to grow in friendship with ladies in various seasons of life? If so please join us for a Redeemer women’s brunch Saturday, October 6 from 10:00am to 12:00pm to enjoy good food and fellowship. Please feel free to bring your school-age daughters as well! HOSTED at Katherine Taylor’s home in Alexandria (near Bailey’s Crossroads). Please contact Katherine directly at for address details. RSVP to this event on Facebook (in the Redeemer Arlington Family group) by Thursday, October 4 or at CONTACT Katherine at with any questions. Hope to see you there!

Servant Shoutout by Jackie Black: SNEAK PEAK – Make sure to come to the member’s meeting tomorrow night to hear more about the new Sunday heroes, officially called the Sunday morning manager team! Team members will be responsible to handle the troubleshooting and management of Sunday mornings – both to identify and implement improvements and release me to sit service! This service began last week while I was out and will continue hereafter!

Their training has included multiple emails, shadowing, and trial by fire with me being on vacation. Thank you, Buck Black, Dale Brown, Erin and Daryl Elliot, Mike Icardi, Tim and Natalie O’Keefe, and Jen and Jason Whetsell

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