Redeemer Weekly – 11/25/2018

Redeemer Weekly: November 25, 2018 — Budget Townhall TOM. — Servant Shoutout: Molly Kruger

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving weekend! Please join us for coffee and donuts before our Sunday service at 10:30 am at 716 S Glebe Road!

Open/Close need, Correction! for Sunday, December 23 – The whole of the open/close serving team will be out of town the Christmas weekend. If able to fill in for this one time commitment next Sunday, please let Ben Seck know!

Tomorrow in Children’s Ministry (CM): Kiddos continue to hear about Jacob and his role in God’s family (Genesis 32-33). God changed Jacob’s life and gave him a new name, Israel. Jesus’ death and resurrection provided sinful people the way to be adopted into God’s family. We also receive a new name—children of God.

Budget Town Halls and December Member Meeting: Members, our 2019 budget meeting will be Sunday, December 2 at 5 pm. Tomorrow, there will be a townhall for those who have questions about the provided budget.

Redeemer Serving Needs:

Children’s MinistryMembers, we still have needs for our children’s ministry! Deeply grateful for our current servants but they need support from additional teachers and assistants. Let Jackie know if able to serve.

Coffee Team Most of us love and need that coffee kick in the morning; Sundays included. The coffee team is looking for 1-2 more volunteers to serve once a month and ensure there is the precious fluid. Let Lynne Walton know if interested.

Projection Team – Except for Jordan, not all of us know all the words to every song we sing which is why we need a projection team! Down two teammates, this vital Sunday morning team is looking for recruits. Email Sarah Mugg is interested.

Redeemer Member Community Outreach:

Arlington Foster Care Toy Drive: UPDATE! Thank you for the interest and desire to serve our area families through a toy drive for Arlington county foster families! For the next two Sundays, TOMORROW and December 2, you can give the toys to Jackie or place in the blue bin (which is across from the Connect Table! Current needs include toys for 0-1 year olds (five) and 2-5 years old (25) and festive baked goods. Toys need to be new, unwrapped, and nothing weaponlike or violent (i.e. squirt guns, etc.). For those interested in festive baked goods and help with delivery for the party on December 8 – I am still awaiting details but will keep you posted! If interested, let Jackie Black ( of any questions!

Servant Shoutout by Jackie Black: The term baby whisperer has been used frequently when discussing children’s ministry – but the classic and original Redeemer CM baby whisperer is Molly Kruger.

Molly is one of the first to re-up and has served both in children’s ministry and has an ability to calm babies who may not always be able to stay in our 1 year old! AND she carries some of those skills (patience, grace, humor) into being a community group leader! Molly sets an example of one who continual serves with joy and faithfulness! Thank you, Molly!

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