Redeemer Weekly – 12/30/2018

Redeemer Weekly: December 30, 2018 — 2019 Calendar of Church Events! — Servant Shoutout: 2018 summary and 2019 Servant Shoutouts  

Good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Please join us for coffee and donuts before our Sunday service at 10:30am at 716 S Glebe Road.

Tomorrow in Children’s Ministry (CM): Redeemer kiddos resume and return to the Old Testament (Exodus 1-4) after an Advent pause to hear about God’s great escape and exodus plan began with Moses.

2019 Parking Reminder: As we hope and invite a host of new guests and attenders, please remember to important PARKING rules – The parking lot has no lines but that does not allow for not abiding by the laws (**Fire lanes are always fire lanes regardless if they are painted yellow **Parking in handicap parking without a permit is always a fine regardless if it is just a sign not a sign and painted parking spot).

Additional side note: Blocking someone into a parking spot is disrespectful while also dangerous. If a person cannot move their car – regardless if you plan to leave early or promptly – is wrong. Practice parking like radical Gospel hospitality!        

2019 Redeemer Event Calendar

Member Meetings, Sundays @ 5pm:

February 10, April 28 (Spring Retreat), September 8, and December 1

Core Seminars, Fridays evening and Saturday mornings:

January 11-12, May 17-18, and October 4-5

Spring Retreat, Capon Springs, WV:

April 26-28

2018 Giving Statements: Thank you for those who have given to Redeemer! Statements of your giving will be emailed at the end of January 2019! If you have any questions, please let Jackie know!

Servant Shoutout Announcement: Servant Shoutout began shortly after I started working at Redeemer as I saw and experience the great serving of the Redeemer community. It has been a joy to shout about those who have served, often behind the scenes without public knowledge – not so now the servant can now appreciated in the spotlight but rather to shout and appreciate multiple example of Christlike serving in our community!

In 2018 we shouted about over 64 people – split between couples, singles, men, women, and children. That does not even touch the group shoutouts (i.e. CM move, CM move back, CM move back, back!). Several shoutouts were nominations and others were repeat with several new names in the servant shout  

As we launch into 2019, the Servant Shoutout will now be moving to a more spontaneous vs. weekly place in the Weekly to allow for a less calculated identification of servants bur rather continue to invite others to nominate servants. I see a lot at Redeemer. I see serving everywhere. In 2019, we will continue to invite others to provide servant shout nominations as well as as the spontaneous shoutout without it being a regular feature.

Feel free to log protest, and include an nomination to Jackie, if you want the Servant Shoutout to remain a constant in the Weekly!       

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