In the Bible, one of the images that the New Testament(NT) writers used to define Jesus’ leadership over His church was that of a shepherd. Jesus is the Shepherd of his Church and he has called, qualified, and gifted certain men to imitate Him in the delegated task of caring, guiding, and teaching His people.

A shepherd is not something that we can culturally relate to in our part of the world, so if I could reduce the role of a shepherd to a simple and relatable definition, it would be this: a servant-leader.

This definition of a leader in the church may at first seem counterintuitive, or even like an oxymoron, given our predisposition to think of a leader more like a CEO, general, or president.

Yet everything about the gospel is counterintuitive, including its application to leadership.

We follow a King/Shepherd/Leader who became a baby, died on a cross for the transgressions we committed, and was raised to life–and He asks us to follow Him in laying down our life for others.

Jesus led his people by dying, and now He asks His shepherds to lead by serving. In the Kingdom of God the “org chart” is flipped: leaders serve.

leadership team

Ben Adams
Dale Brown
Paul Curtis
Jonathan Collegio
Josh Deckard
Jordan Kauflin – Staff Pastor
Eric Simmons – Lead Pastor
Jon Smith – Staff Pastor

Jackie Black – Administrative Assistant and Children Ministry Coordinator

Jackie Black – Children’s Ministry (Operations)
Geoff & Brittany Geiling – New Person Integration
Mike Icardi – Finance
Dave Mugg – Sunday Production
Scott Moshier – Redeemer Staff Manager
Caleb Quezada – Worship Production
Mark & Betsy Teubl – Community Groups



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