Resources for studying the book of John

As promised, here are links to the books Eric referenced last Sunday (as well as a few others). If you desire to study the book of John more in depth these books are a great place to start.

General Resources:
John by RC Sproul
Reflections on the Gospel of John by Leon Morris – It is out of print but you can find it online pretty easily.

The Message of John by Bruce Milne
John by Andreas J. Kostenberger
The Gospel According to John by DA Carson

Resources on forgiveness

Last Sunday, we briefly touched on the topic of forgiveness as we studied Colossians 3:11-17 together.

As I mentioned, forgiveness can bring up many questions and confusion related to how we are to apply it. Below are some resources that might be a useful start in thinking about this topic. Hope they are helpful!

– Timothy Lane’s article from the Journal of Biblical Counseling, “Pursuing and Granting Forgiveness” – This is a very helpful introduction on the definition of forgiveness and how to practice it.

Read it here.

– John MacArthur’s book, The Freedom and Power of Forgiveness – MacArthur begins by examining the Gospel and draws from it implications both for our personal confession of sin to God, as well as forgiving those who have wronged us. It is very helpful and insightful.

Purchase the book here:

– Jonathan Edwards’ book, Charity and its Fruits – Jonathan Edwards is considering one of America’s greatest theologians. In this book, based upon a series of sermons he preached to his church on 1 Corinthians 13, he unpacks what love is to look like in a Christian’s life. It touches on everything from dealing with people who have sinned against you, to how often we can do things devoid of love, to how magnificent God’s love is, and finally to heaven’s description as a world of love. It’s highly recommended.

Read an older version of the book here:
Purchase the book here:

Randy Newman messages

Here’s a resource for you.

Randy Newman, author of Questioning Evangelism and Bringing the Gospel Home, spoke at Covenant Life Church the past two Sundays on the topic of evangelism.

Both are very good messages and helpful reminders as to why and how we share the good news of the Gospel with others. In the first, he talks about how to use questions in evangelism, and in the second he fills out what this specifically looks like with extended family and close friends.

You can listen to the first here and the second here