Andrew and Lauren's story

My wife and I are a young couple who recently moved to Arlington for a job. We had been living in Tennessee, where we always had friends around and plenty of things to do. In northern Virginia, we found ourselves in a different culture with few friends. We were lonely and isolated. However, even in our struggle to adapt, God was very gracious to us and He used Redeemer to show that to me, in particular.  

Through the preaching, I have been reminded of God’s personal presence in my life.  I have known of God for a long time, and I know a fair amount about God, but I have struggled at times to know God personally day to day.  But now God’s presence and personhood have become real to me.  I have come to consider moment-to-moment decisions in light of the fact that God is with me.  He is with me and he is my friend—and he has even provided other friends. After we got to know one couple and they found out about our dying car, they gave us their old truck. Another couple invites us to get together often, and my wife, Lauren, has met many other women through a book group. As a result, we feel we have become part of a rare community—and we are very thankful for such grace.

Redeemer Church of Arlington exists to make
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