community groups

1. What are community groups?

Community groups are small groups of people that meet throughout the week.

2. Why do we have them?

Redeemer church is not simply a meeting on Sundays. It is a growing group of people that are committed to living ordinary life together. They are a place where we can ask questions about our faith, develop relationships, practically serve each other, bring people who don’t know Jesus, and just be together!

3. What is the goal of community groups?

  • Eating – We love to eat! But this goes beyond simply our love for food. From the life of Jesus to the early church in Acts, table fellowship plays a unique and important role in the life of Christians. For us, eating is a great picture of normal life and how we try to live life together.
  • Learning – We want to learn to love one another. One of the defining characteristics of a Christian’s new life in Christ is loving people. Fueled and compelled by God’s love for us, we are now able to love one another, and be witnesses to the watching world of the difference the gospel makes. But let’s face it, we are all learning how to love. As we consistently interact with a small group of people in the church, we are able to put into practice the core gospel commitments that God has produced in us. Things like bearing one another’s burdens, encouraging each other with the gospel, helping each other mature, exercising spiritual gifts, serving each other, etc.
  • Growing – Growth in integrating our lives with the gospel is crucial to our call as Christians. But integrating the gospel is hard work, and it takes a lot of time, communication, and help. God has designed this to be done in community with one another. Within the context of a committed group, we are able to wrestle through the implications of our new identities. We are committed help each other be builders of his community, students of his word, and missionaries and servants in the world.

Because of the diversity of schedules and make-up of each group, how they practice the three priorities above will vary. Some groups meet every week, others 2-3 times a month. Some will have gourmet meals every week, others order carryout, do potlucks or just provide snacks. Some groups study the Bible each week, others talk about the message from Sunday or take time to pray and care for one another. The groups are as diverse as the people in them. But what you hopefully will experience is authentic Christian community where sinners saved by grace are seeking to live their ordinary lives with gospel intentionality.

4. Why should I join one?

Community groups are one of the primary ways to get into the life and community of Redeemer. Our Sunday meetings, while vitally important to us, are the culmination of members living life together. Whether you’ve been a Christian for decades, or have questions and doubts about God, we think CG’s are one of the best ways for you to interact with Redeemer and what we are about.

5. How can I join one?

Email and someone from our newcomer team will contact you!

Redeemer Church of Arlington exists to make
disciples of Jesus who integrate life with the gospel.

Join us on Sundays, 10:30 a.m. at
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