Each Sunday we gather as a church community to Sing, Study, and See the person and work of Jesus Christ.

sing: We spend time in the beginning singing songs that direct our attention to God the Father, Jesus the Savior, and the Holy spirit. We sing songs centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ because we believe he is worthy of not just our singing, but also our lives.

study: We spend 45 minutes each week meditating on a specific text and listening to a message (called a sermon). The goal of our time is to study each text in view of the context of God’s great plan of redemption, to capture a greater vision of Christ in the text so that we might worship, repent, and obey Him.

take communion: After we study we spend 15 minutes participating in communion together. During this time we celebrate the death of Jesus Christ and all the benefits of the gospel as we remember the historical event of the crucifixion through the breaking of the bread and the drinking of wine. During this time we meditate on the gospel, pray for each other, confess our sins if needed, and seek to reconcile any broken relationships.

Redeemer offers childcare for children under the age of 10 to our members and guests as a safe and fun place for kids during our Sunday gatherings

Redeemer Church of Arlington exists to make
disciples of Jesus who integrate life with the gospel.

Join us on Sundays, 10:30 a.m. at
Arlington United Methodist Church
716 S Glebe Rd., Arlington, VA 22204

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